Why You Should Have a Prayer List

praying-hands-A few weeks ago, I added another piece of paper to my already very busy cork board in my room. It was a simple piece of notebook paper with the words “Prayer List” written at the top (well actually, mine says Prayer Lisf, because my fingers did something stupid, and I’m too lazy to fix it). The reason I added this list is that a friend was going through a tough time, and I told her that I was praying for her.

But I wasn’t.

I prayed for her once and then forgot about it. The next time I ran into her, I suddenly remembered about my pledge to pray for her and I felt guilty. But what was I supposed to do? I have a life, too. It’s not like it’s easy to remember all of the things that go wrong in my own life, much less other people’s. Then I shook my head. I was making up excuses. I realized that if I wanted to be a better, and more honest, friend, I needed to come up with a way to remember prayer requests. So I made a list.

My prayer list is very simple. I have two columns, one labeled “Name” and the other labeled “Need.” This way, I can keep track of who I’m praying for and why I’m praying for them. Then, I put it on the board that I look at every day, multiple times a day (yeah, I’m a little obsessive about school). Now, I can’t help but remember who I need to pray for. I would suggest this for anyone who feels like they need to work on their praying.

In addition to helping me remember to pray, I found that the prayer list helped out in two other ways. First, it made me more conscious of the people I’m praying for. When you know someone is going through something, but they are all cheery and normal when you talk to them, it’s easy to forget that anything is wrong. But now that I am always seeing my list and praying for them, I make sure to check up on them; to get updates for my list. Now, it’s easier to keep up with my friends and make sure they’re alright, and to be there for them if they aren’t.

The second area the list assisted me in is just remembering to pray. I’ll be honest; I don’t pray nearly as often as I probably should. However, I can’t help but see the list on my cork board, so it’s not hard to remember to pray. Although I originally made the list just to keep tabs on my friends’ prayer requests, it has actually reminded me to talk to God about things that are important to me too.

What about you? Do you ever forget to pray for someone when they asked? How do you keep tabs on your friends’ requests?


My Hopes and Dreams

Cake clip artIt’s my birthday today. I’m 19 years of age now. Yay, I suppose. I’m still recovering from a concussion, so that takes some of the fun out of it. However, in honor of the day of my birth, I’ll share with you guys some of my hopes and dreams. Here’s my top ten list:

1. First and foremost, I want to become a successful author. I would love it if thousands of people would read and love what I write. I’d like to shoot for New York Times Bestseller, because that seems to be what every successful author sticks on the front of their books to prove that they are in fact successful. But mainly, I just want writing to be how I support myself. It’s my favorite thing to do, so I may as well make it my job.

2. Next, I would really like to never, ever get another concussion. Like I said in my last post, they’re no fun. I’m a clumsy person, so I’m not sure about this one…

3. Related to writing again, I would like to simply get better at writing. I’m never going to become successful if my writing sucks. Not that I’m saying it does, but I’m certainly no Steven King. I’ll probably need to improve a lot. I say “probably,” because we do hear of amazingly bad writers who attain massive popularity by some miracle. *Cough50shadesofgraycoughcough*

4. This is probably fairly stereotypical for this kind of list, but I’d like to be rich someday. It’s not even to be able to afford some kind of mansion or other fancy things. Mainly, I just don’t want money to have to be an issue. I want to give my future kids a comfortable life, at least until I kick them out so that they learn to fend for themselves.

5. Speaking of kids, I want a few. Maybe three. I don’t really know. I’m also planning on homeschooling them, but that would depend on if I can, financially. I would really rather avoid sticking my kids in public school.

6. I suppose if I’m speaking of kids, I should probably also be speaking of husbands. I’d like one of those, too, I suppose. It’s funny actually, because I’ve never had a boyfriend before, but now I’m looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with. I guess now is just the age to do that.

7. I’d love to get better at socializing with people. I’m such an introverted hermit right now. I want to be the kind of person that is at least kind of decent at hanging out. I really don’t understand the concept (but that’s another blog post). If I ever do become a famous author, I’m going to need to be able to talk to new people without feeling terribly awkward. Or maybe not. The internet is a thing after all.

8. I’m in school right now, so I figure I should mention that I want to have a college degree at some point (preferably in around 3 or so years). I don’t think I told you guys, but I recently changed my major to Digital Media with a concentration in Transmedia Writing. That’s just a really fancy way of saying “writing for TV and movies.”

9. I want to spend time out of the country. I’ve never been outside of the U.S. before (unless the trip my parents took to Niagara Falls while my mom was pregnant with me counts). I speak German, so I would like to visit Germany at some point. I’d also like to go on an out of country mission trip.

10. This one is a little odd and ultimately more than likely unattainable, but here we go anyway: I want to own Disney. Yeah, you heard right. I wish to own the Mouse itself. I used to like Disney channel when I was a kid, and I still like Disney movie’s sometimes, but I think most people can agree that the quality has really gone downhill recently. I want to make Disney a thing that is family-friendly and teaches wholesome lessons again. That, and Disney owns Marvel, so there’s that.

Oi. I didn’t realize how much soul searching I was going to have to do to complete this list. I was really starting to run out of ideas around the 7th entry. But I hope you enjoyed it.

Tell me, are there any hopes or dreams you feel like sharing? Let me know in the comments.


Today, I’m going to share part of my TBR list. TBR, by the way, means To Be Read. Essentially, it’s a list of books and/or book series that I greatly want to read. This is by no means a complete list, mind you. You’re going to notice a few things as you look at my TBR list. First—and I know this is a little odd—a lot of these are classics. Some of these, I became interested because of quiz bowl, but most of them, I am just curious about. Another thing you’ll notice is that I actually own a few of the books on my list. If you’re wondering why I haven’t read them yet, it’s pretty simple. I don’t have any time. A lot of these, I’m going to try to read over the summer when I actually have time to read.

Without further ado and in no particular order, my TBR list:

1. A Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

I’ve wanted to read this one for a long time now. I read Fahrenheit 451 last year and 1984 a few years before. I love that style of dystopic, mid-1900s fiction. I’ve also heard a few snippets from the book that absolutely fascinate me. I have a friend that owns this book, so I’ll probably be able to read it soon.

2. Illusion by Frank Peretti

I’ve pretty much read every Peretti fiction book (with the notable exception of Tilly), so obviously I want to read this one too. I also find the blurb on the back of the book to reveal a very interesting plotline that I’m looking forward to reading. Peretti, by the way is my favorite author.

3. The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri

This one comes up A LOT in quiz bowl. It’s an epic poem written in the 14th century, so it might be tricky to read. However, I’m curious, so this one makes the list.

4. Children of Hurin by J.R.R. Tolkien (owned)

As you can see, I do actually have this book. Unfortunately, the time that it came to me was not a time that I wanted to read any more about the children of Hurin. My godparents bought me this one right after I finished reading The Silmarilian, also by Tolkien. The children of Hurin were messed up. However, I do finally want to read it, if only to say that I’ve read everything on my shelf.

5. Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand (owned)

I’ve actually read about a 3rd of Atlas Shrugged. I got a bit bored reading through it the first time, but I do eventually want to finish it.

6. The Michael Vey Series Richard Paul Evans

I’d heard of this series before, but I had never had a chance to read it before. This summer, however, I checked out the first two from the library. I thought they were very interesting and a ton of fun, so I’ll be getting more of those as soon as I can.

7. Eye of Moloch by Glenn Beck

I first read The Overton Window a few years ago and I couldn’t wait until the next one came out. It… took a while. But Eye of Moloch is finally out and I really want to read it. It’s been out a while, but it was too expensive to buy at first. If I remember, I’ll probably pick this one up the next time I’m at Barnes and Noble.

8. Bleak House by Charles Dickens (owned)

Like Atlas Shrugged, I have actually read this one a bit. Like a lot of Dickens works, it’s a bit slow, but I still want to force myself to finish it someday.

9. Exposure by Kathy Reichs

I picked up the first three of the Virals series at my library at home and I loved them! I definitely want the next one, and I’ll keep reading them until Kathy Reichs stops writing them. Fun fact: if you didn’t know, Kathy Reichs’s books are the ones that the TV show Bones is based off of.

Like I said before, this is definitely not a full TBR list for me. In fact, I left off a couple of books just to avoid putting the same author on there twice. One fun fact about myself before I go: there is one book that I tried to read that I absolutely refuse to finish. That book is Walden by Henry David Thoreau. If you can avoid it, don’t read it. It literally put me to sleep.

The post tomorrow will be on how an introvert can survive at a big university.

See y’all tomorrow!