My Unfortunate Hogwarts House Assignment

I was never allowed to watch or read the Harry Potter series as a kid, but I did read it when I was 16. I have been a fan since then, and ironically, I got my mom into it too. But, I had never done the actual Pottermore sorting quiz until earlier this year.

I’ve taken other “non-official” sorting tests before this. Usually, I either get Slytherin, Gryffindor, or if it’s an option, some combination of the two. I think I’ve gotten Ravenclaw like twice.

Before I tell you what I got on the official test, take a moment and think about which house you think that I would belong to. Let me know in the comments. I’m curious.

I promise I’m going to reveal it in a second, but I need to explain something. See, I made the mistake of taking the test immediately after I started dating The Boyfriend. I was in, shall we say, a slightly abnormal state of mind at the time.

I was on cloud nine with excitement. I was thinking things like, “Everything is awesome right now!” and, “All is well with the world,” and “I’m the happiness person on earth!”

So I took the test. And apparently, I’m a…

Hogwarts houses


Okay, look, nothing against Hufflepuffs. Some of my favorite people are Hufflepuffs. But I’m not one of them. I may have the hard work and loyalty traits down, but I’m far too cynical, competitive, and “intolerant” to be a good Hufflepuff.

And by the way, I (for some reason) took the Ilvermorny (American Hogwarts) sorting quiz months before I took the Hogwarts test and, more importantly, months before I met The Boyfriend. I got the Horned Serpents house.

From several articles that I read, Horned Serpent seems to line up with Ravenclaw, which for me, actually makes sense. When I look at the list of traits for Ravenclaw, those are the ones that most line up with my personality.

But who knows, maybe deep down I really am an adorable little badger with a love of fairness and patience…