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This is the page for checking out the things I’m selling. You don’t have to buy my stuff, but if you like my writing and want to support me, then this is how you do it. So, buy my stuff. It’ll make me happy. Reviews on my stuff will make me happier.

Be like this guy. I like this guy:


My Stuff

The Lifeguard – $0.99 on Amazon

The Lifeguard Cover

Blurb:A headstrong young boy goes to summer camp with his best friend and plans on having the time of his life, but then he meets a lifeguard who seems determined to ruin his fun.”

My FREE Stuff

Dark Ties – Wattpad

Dark Ties cover.PNG

Blurb: Jade Dark is a young mutant who has cut ties with everyone she cared about. When she gets a surprise call from her sister, she will have to make a choice that could affect the rest of her life. Will she rejoin her family one last time, or will she opt to stay safe and stay hidden?

Secrets are exposed and loyalties are tested in this supernatural story of family and love.


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