Contra Mundum: Episode 10 – Let’s Get Historical!

I just realized that I forgot to post the last episode of Contra Mundum here. It was up on YouTube late on Thursday, though. So you should totally go subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want these episodes right after they come out.

Incidentally, I’m afraid there won’t be another podcast until next week since I’m home on break, and I left my editing computer with all of the software and recordings at my apartment.

But now, it’s time to introduce this new episode. I recorded this one a few months ago, but since we were talking about the opposite of current events, it’s okay!

Kristian Myrdal, my guest for this week, is a history major and lover of the tales of the little guy. In this episode, we focused on the micro-stories surrounding major events in history, instead of the big picture. I hope you all enjoy!

I had a lot of fun talking about historical events in this episode. History has been a passion of mine for a long time. Like Kristian, I also enjoy the smaller-scale stories that let you see into the minds of some of the people from times past.

There will be another history podcast sometime next year with another one of my history major friends. But next week, I’ll be sitting down with a global studies major to discuss life in other countries and missionary work!

See you next week!


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