Let me tell you about my demon toe

I went to the podiatrist again today. This journey started a few months ago when I got my toenail ripped off by a kid at camp. Well, to be fair, the whole saga of my ridiculous toe probably started back a few years ago when I first got my toenail ripped off, and then a friend stepped on my toe at a Halloween party. And maybe broke it.

Regardless of where the story began, it continued today at the podiatrist’s office. This was supposed to be a follow up visit to see how my toenail was reforming. Unfortunately, it ended with the podiatrist yanking the the darn thing off again.

See, my toe has been hurting more and more over the last few months. It wasn’t ever very painful; just a persistent ache whenever I wore socks or shoes. The foot doc took one look at it when he came in, pushed down on the top of the nail, and said, “I think you have a bone spur. Let’s x-ray it.”

Guess what? No, you’ll never guess. Okay, I’ll tell you. I’ve got a bloody bone spur!

Of course, this being part of my ridiculous body, not only do I have a bone spur, I apparently have Satan’s big toe.


My official x-ray folks. Note the horn-like buggers on the end of the bone.

Yeah, I’ve got little horns of bone trying to literally PUSH OUT OF MY SKIN. Isn’t that just lovely?

Other than the trying to push out of skin part, the way the toe bone is curved up makes it so that when my toenail tries to grow out straight, it’s jamming into the skin. Hence why I needed to get a bunch of my toenail removed. AGAIN.

On top of that, I can’t get into the surgery that I’m going to need to for a few months. It’s going to take a month to schedule and 2-4 weeks to heal from. So they can’t get me in now, and after this month I’ve got a little thing called college to go back to. So I need to wait till summer.

I feel like I sound a little salty. Well, you would too if you’d been cursed with the demon toe from hell.

On the upside, the doc told me the pain from my minor surgery today should go down significantly by tomorrow. And then Christmas will only be three days away, so that’s nice. After that I’ve only got to avoid grievously injuring my toe for a few months and I should be alright.

*Laughs nervously*


2 thoughts on “Let me tell you about my demon toe

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