How do you people find me?

Apparently people are still reading this blog. Nearly 7,000 people have visited this blog to this date. *Blushes deeply* Shucks guys. I really do appreciate every single person who reads my stuff (I appreciate you more if you comment). But that begs the question, where on earth do you all find me?

Looking at the google search engine keywords list, a lot of people come here looking for instructions on how to build a fence out of pvc pipes, because of that one post I did 3 years ago, which had nothing to do with building a fence out of pvc pipes. I get that.

But that doesn’t explain the vast majority of people who just show up and read my stuff randomly. I don’t publish regularly anywhere else. Like 10 people have bought my novelette on Amazon, so no one’s coming here from there. You can’t all be people who see me on Facebook as I only have 80 likes on my page there (where they came from is another conversation entirely).

It must be that there’s a whole bunch of you just out there floating around in the nebulous void known as “the internet,” and you occasionally bump into my posts and like them. Which is cool, I suppose.

Don’t mistake my puzzlement for ungratefulness. The fact that random people I don’t know come to like my posts makes me the happiest person ever. I just don’t understand why.

So let me ask you guys. Where do you come from? How did you manage to find me. For an added bonus, what’s been your favorite of my posts?


2 thoughts on “How do you people find me?

  1. I think you came up when I typed Lynchburg in the reader on wordpress.. and then I thought your article sounded interesting so I read it haha

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