A short little story about my day

*Read to the end. There’s a point, I promise*

So today, I woke up with the sniffles, which sucks, so I decided to sleep in a bit and just drive to school. Forty minutes of extra sleep isn’t that much more in the grand scheme of things, but it helped a bit, I think. In any case, it didn’t stop me from getting to school on time.

I enjoyed my morning class as always, partially because my professor is awesome. We got another talk about the importance of registering to vote, and because it was taking everyone else forever to do theirs, I redid my registration. Now I can vote in the right place. Woohoo, I guess.

Moving on. While I waited for it to be an acceptable time to eat lunch, I got some of my reading done. I realized once I got home that I did, in fact, read the wrong chapter… So, I guess I’m ahead, or something.

I got through the rest of the day. Avoided improv in my directing class. Wrote a screenplay in my video production class. Hung out with friends.

At the end of the day, I had about half an hour till the bus got there, so I worked on one of my video projects. Finally, I packed things up and headed out. I called my mom on the way back to ask what she thought about me going to Florida for an internship. She was amenable, fortunately.

The bus got back quickly, and I just fell into my bed, exhausted…

Not a bad day, right? Go back and read the first and last last sentence of the story, and you’ll understand why I’m face-palming myself right now.




2 thoughts on “A short little story about my day

  1. That stinks, Susannah! Glad to hear you’re having such a great time in college though. 🙂

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