Adventures in Adulting

For the last three-ish weeks, I’ve been living in my new apartment. I have to say, there are a lot of advantages to living off campus, but there are also some hurdles to jump and adjustments to be made.

First off, the usual turn that I make to get to my college when I’m driving (usually I just take the bus) is apparently the busiest intersection on the planet. I’ve taken to leaving my house an hour ahead of time, just to make it to class on time. Mind you, I live about 5 minutes away… on the weekends. The last time I drove to class, I sat at that intersection for 10 minutes. If you think I’m exaggerating, I’m not. I timed it.

Unfortunately, taking the bus is not necessarily easier. It just has problems of a different variety. Mainly, I have the absolute worst time staying awake. The 50 minute bumpy ride rocked my butt right to sleep. I may be awake when leave my apartment, but by the time I step off the bus bus, I’m like:


It makes staying awake in class that much harder. Luckily, my earliest morning class is taught by my favorite professor. He loves to make us laugh and is usually able to wake me up sufficiently.

In addition to travel-related issues, I’ve been very slowly attempting to further my cooking horizons. The extent of this so far includes making spaghetti last weekend and baking Digiorno pizza today. Otherwise, freezer meals. I do intend to try and make Hamburger Helper tonight. Baby steps, guys, baby steps. I don’t want to set the apartment on fire.

I would have pictures of the inside of my my apartment to show you, but my phone takes terrible photos, and I seem to have misplaced my usual camera. I’ll have need of super expensive cameras at some point in this semester, so I’ll try to get some nice photos then.

Until then (or until I come up with something else to blog about), Auf Wiedersehen!

Have you had any adventures in adulting lately? Let me know in the comments.


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