Little Engine Tag

I’ve been tagged by one of my oldest blog friends, Matt, from The Little Engine that Couldn’t to do his new tag. I’m trying to blog more, so why not?

Like any good tag, there are rules:

  • Each answer you give to a question has to be more than two sentences long. Or at the very least, you have to make those two sentences meaningful.
  • There will be two bonus questions at the end, that the blogger gets to change to whatever they want to ask when they nominate someone else. The first six questions, however, are set in stone.
  • At the end you must nominate three to five other bloggers. Okay, so you don’t have to, but that would be nice if you could.

So without further ado, my answers:

Apparently we have to use this image…

1) What’s one of your biggest pet peeves?

Mouth noises. If you smack your lips while you eat or chew gum with your mouth open, understand, I will spend most of my time around you actively plotting your demise. Most of the reason that I sleep with earplugs in is so that I don’t have to listen to mouth noises from whoever my roommate is.

2) What is your favorite song at the moment?

My favorite song? Probably “Hat Trick” by Jonathan Thulin. Actually, I like all of the songs on his new album, but if I had to pick one, that one will do.

But if you want to know what’s been stuck in my head, the answer is the theme song from Animaniacs. I’ve been watching the show on Netflix, and now I can’t get the theme song out of my head. It is obnoxiously catchy.


3) Who is your favorite blogger?

Oh geez. I have no idea. I love reading Sarah Hoyt’s writing advice and political commentary. But I also enjoy Shannon Thompson‘s posts about writing and cats and stuff, so…

Basically, if your name starts with an S and you like writing, there’s a good chance I’ll like you.

4) What’s the nicest thing you’ve seen someone do recently?

Somehow, this one is harder than the other ones. There’s a lot of negativity in the world. Uh… I guess it’s nice to see how many people hold open doors on my campus. We’re all in a rush this time of the semester, but it’s nice that people take just a few seconds to help out someone who’s probably a stranger.

5) What’s something you regret doing?

Buying textbooks that I have to sell later. I prefer not buying books that I don’t want to read and that I won’t keep. Not that my bookshelf could handle anymore even if I did keep them.

6) If you could take only three items with you to a deserted island, what would they be, and why?

Depends on the island, I suppose. If we’re talking a deserted island with no people, but with a fully stocked condo on the beach with electricity and running water, then probably my laptop, its charger, and a satellite phone. I would have the best writing week ever and then call for someone to come get me.

7) What’s your favorite TV show?

Right now, I would have to say Gotham. I watched the whole thing on Netflix a few weeks ago. I haven’t seen a show that hooked me like that for a long time. I can’t wait for the next season.

8) What are you looking forward to?

SUMMER! I’ve only got like two weeks left in the school year, and then I’m free. For 9 days, and then I go to camp. I’ve been wanting to be a camp counselor for a long time, and this year, I finally found someone who will hire me.

My nominations:

  1. Shannon from because I like her writing and she’s fun.
  2. Austin from Return of the Modern Philosopher because I think he’d like the train.
  3. Peg from Peg-o-Leg’s Rambling because she’s hilarious.

There you go. Now you know more about me. Hopefully that’s a good thing.


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5 thoughts on “Little Engine Tag

  1. matttblack42 says:

    I feel you on that pet peeve. I had a friend who would always smack his lips around when he was eating, and he wouldn’t understand why it bothered me so much. He later died in a mysterious skiing accident after eating an entire bag of sour cream & onion potato chips on the drive over.

    As for number three, I’ll have you know that I just recently changed my name to “Smatthew Slack.”

    Oh, and that song is growing on me.

  2. Good answers! I also hate smacking gum and thanks to my day job can now spot it a mile away. 🙂 You published??!! Cool and congrats, Susannah!!

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