Highs and Lows

My life feels a bit like a roller coaster right now. Up, down, up, left, right, up, down. The good news is that I like roller coasters. I tend to do very well under ridiculous amounts of stress. Still, I’m looking forward to the summer. I’ll have 9 days at the end of the semester before I have to pack up and go to camp. Hopefully they’ll be 9 lazy days.

The first high of the last week or so was that I finished my video project for my honors psychology class and it looked pretty cool. My partners loved it, and I liked it. Probably could have done a bit more work on the sound, but it was a psychology class, not a production class. My low for this one is that the professor still hasn’t graded it a week later. I really hate waiting for grades. It just hangs a weight of stress around my neck that won’t go away until I get the grade.

Next, I’ve got my video production class, where the biggest project will be due in like a week and a half. My team (yeah, a team project totally makes everything easier) is doing fine for time, but it’s hard to get everything done when we’re trying to work around everyone’s hectic schedule. So that class is equal parts exhilarating and terrifying.

I’m in the same boat for my audio class. I have another team final project that is due at final exam time. I’m not as worried about this one as in the video class, but it’s just another thing to try not to worry too much about. I haven’t had the chance to study for the final exam too much in this class, so that’s not helping matters.

Of course, there’s the big high of the week. I released my new short story on Amazon a few days ago for only $0.99. As of this writing, a total of 8 people have bought my book. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. People actually paid money to read something that I wrote. Cool.

On a slightly lower note, I had a friend come up to me last week and ask if I could help her with a biology project that apparently needed filming. I told her sure, if I was available. It seems that I am. Hopefully, I can do what she needs me to. I’m not the greatest of cinematographers, but I think I can help her out.

Like most college students around this time of the year, I’m tired most of the time. I’ve never been able to sleep well, and now I have run out of my usual sleep aids. I’m trying to get to bed earlier, but I’ve got so much to do that I haven’t been able to.

Up, down, left, up, down, up. It’s crazy right now, but the end is in sight. I just have to hang on for three more weeks, and then I’ll have a little break.

And then it’s off to summer camp and a whole new bag of highs and lows.

EDIT: I completely forgot another area of stress. I’m busy trying to deal with finding an apartment with two of my friends. We’ve already settled on a place, so now we’re trying to finalize things and make sure we did everything right. Sheesh. Adulting is hard.


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