I’m Publishing Something Tomorrow

*Big Announcement*

I’m going to be publishing my new short story*, “The Lifeguard” tomorrow! It’s around 8,000 words and it’s for sale for only $0.99, which is less than you can pay for… well, anything these days.

“The Lifeguard” is a story about a 13-year-old boy who just wants to have fun with his best friend at summer camp. However, one lifeguard seems determined to kill his fun.

And if it sounds like a simple feel-good story, well, it kinda is. But it’s also got a massive twist at the end that gives the story it’s, um, PG-13 rating.

So until tomorrow (or whenever it actually goes live), here’s the cover.

The Lifeguard Cover.jpg


*Yes, I realize that 8,000 words is a little long for a short story. Maybe it’s a novelette or something. I don’t know. I’m verbose. But it’s $0.99, so just go get it!


One thought on “I’m Publishing Something Tomorrow

  1. […] The story costs less than a dollar sweet tea at McDonalds, which is a good deal considering that when you buy the short story, you don’t have to worry about it eighty percent filled with ice. So go ahead and check it out at this blog.  […]

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