Concussed Again

Do yourself a favor: never get a concussion. Seriously, they stink.

This is my second concussion. Of course this one had to come on midterm week. Well, there goes my spring break. I’m sure you’re wondering what happened. Yeah… It’s a funny story.

Let’s start with, my mom bought me these ice cleat things a few weeks ago. They’re bright green and they wrap around your shoes to help you walk on ice. I find that they actually work the few times I’ve tried them. But of course, the two times that I really needed them, I wasn’t wearing them. My fault entirely, of course.

The first time was a week or so ago when I went to see my first hockey game. It was awesome, by the way. We won. Go Flames, and all that. Anyway, I knew it was going to be a difficult trek back up the mountain to my room when my friend from North Dakoda walked out the door and slipped on the ice (Now, he claims that it was because he stepped on a sign that slipped on the ice, and that’s why he slipped. *Nods politely* Sure, sure, whatever you say). It had been freezing rain for the last two hours, so literally everything outside was covered in ice.

Side note: Have you ever experienced freezing rain? It’s like rain, but frozen. And hard.

Anyway. It had snowed earlier, and the grounds people had shoveled my sidewalks. They did not, on the other hand, salt them. For those of you who are from the South, snowy sidewalks + freezing rain = black ice. Yeah…

I had to walk back through a foot of snow because all of the sidewalks on my way back to my room were completely covered in ice. On the bright side, I called my mom along the way (because I thought, “Well, if I fall and hit my head on the sidewalk, I’d like someone to know about it), and my running commentary on the nature of ice and my deep-seated hatred of such kept her and my little sister in fits of giggled until I got back. Good for them.

I’m a Southerner, okay? We like snow, because it’s a novelty. Ice… we’re not so fond of.

That was the first time I really could have used those ice cleats. The second time was this past Friday morning. I was all ready for class that day. I didn’t make it ten feet before I found the black ice in front of my dorm. With my face. Well, technically, I found the black ice, with my feet. I found the wet concrete with my face.

And that’s how I got another concussion.

I apologize if this post has been a bit rambling. That tends to happen when you damage your brain. On the upside, since I can’t really focus on anything for longer than ten minutes, I’m going home early, and I’ll have to make up all my tests when I come back. I think that’s an upside, anyway. Can’t really tell. Brain injury, you know.

Be safe out there, everyone. And watch out for ice!


5 thoughts on “Concussed Again

  1. Sorry to hear about you getting hurt. 😦
    Hope you feel better in time to ace those finals.

  2. matttblack42 says:

    This is a weird coincidence. I got a concussion about a week ago, and it’s been terrible. Though my injury wasn’t ice-related, so much as some jerk decided to slam a door in my face. (Okay, it was technically an accident, but I’ve decided to hold the grudge until I’m completely back to normal.)

    Hope you feel better. Stay away from ice, of all kinds.

  3. […] Next, I would really like to never, ever get another concussion. Like I said in my last post, they’re no fun. I’m a clumsy person, so I’m not sure about this […]

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