My 50th Post!

Hey guys! This is my 50th blog post! Honestly, I’m a little surprised I made it this far. To mark this occasion, I’m going to do a stats post where I let you know some of the behind the scenes of running this blog. Also, I’d like to offer 1 commenter a chance to do a guest blogging post on my blog!

Top Posts

1. Why You Should Never Fence (With PVC Pipes)

Obviously, this says something about me:  my clumsiness is hilarious. It also says something about you all: you like to read about the pain and suffering that I inflict on myself through my clumsiness. I am strangely okay with this.

2. Silly Words Series: #2 Entitlement Program

In which I talk about the government stealing from some people to give to other people.

3. I’ve Been Awarded
In which I was given an award… and then had to answer a bunch of questions.

Top Topics

“Humor,” “Fencing,” “PVC Pipes,” “Bad Judgment,” and “Clumsy” all tie for first place. Of course they do.

Top Referrer

The Matt Walsh Blog

Huh. I would not have expected that one. If you’ve never heard of Matt Walsh, go check him out. He tackles all kinds of controversial topics with a healthy amount of sarcasm and logic.


Total Views: 2675
Most Views in a Day: 193


Total Comments: 290.

By the way, other than writing these posts, reading and replying to comments are my favorite parts of blogging. So keep talking to me everyone.


Total Followers: 74!

I love you guys! It makes my day every time I see that I have a new followers. You are the reason I write these posts.

Top Search Terms

1. pvc pipe fence

I get the idea these people got something they didn’t expect when they stumbled upon my blog.

2. introvert scholarship.

Um… Okay.

3. estuary literary magazine

Ah, my literary magazine. I understand this one at least.

Top Countries (by views)

1. United States

2. United Kingdom

3. Canada

4. India

5. Australia

Here's the map that WordPress puts together to show all where everyone who reads my blog lives.

Here’s the map that WordPress puts together to show all where everyone who reads my blog lives.

Who knew I had such a multicultural audience.


I hope you enjoyed this little behind the scenes look. I love it that WordPress can break down like this for me. Best blogging site ever!

Make sure to comment on this post if you’re interested in doing a guest post (or even if you’re not). I’ll let you post on anything you like, but I’d like to suggest you tell a story from your own life. People always love a good story. So get commenting!


3 thoughts on “My 50th Post!

  1. I love how WordPress breaks it down, too. Very motivating. 🙂

  2. […] April, when I wrote My 50th Post, I offered one lucky commenter a chance to guest post on my blog. Now, I am please to present that […]

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