Guest post: What if I Can’t Write What I Know? by Susannah Ailene Martin

I recently got the chance to write a guest post for the wonderful Shannon A Thompson (the inspiration for my post two weeks ago). She’s a writer with lots of writer fans, so I decided to do an advice post on what to do when you can’t write what you know. Check out the guest post, and then take a look at the rest of Shannon’s website. She did a great post recently on using Barbies to write. Check it out!

Shannon A Thompson

Shannon, here, with two announcements and an introduction before the lovely Susannah Ailene Martin takes over.

Return Novel reviewed Minutes Before Sunset, book 1 of The Timely Death Trilogy, stating, “Who will stay up after dark? Readers who value solid character development and realistic motivations in their supernatural romance series.” Read the full thing here or check out the novel by clicking here.

If you want to see what readers think of the sequel, you’re in luck. Endless Reading reviewed Seconds Before Sunrise, book 2 of the The Timely Death Trilogy this week. She stated, “Thompson did an awesome job of creating scenes that left the reader breathless and heart pounding as though they were at the forefront and head of battle.” Click here to read the entire review or click here to go to Amazon.

Susannah Ailene Martin is writing for today

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