Author Confessions

Today I was watching a YouTube video by one of my favorite bloggers, Shannon A Thompson. She decided to tackle the subject of author confessions. In the spirit of that video, I’ve decided to reveal my top ten author confessions.

1. I can’t sleep at night because I’m talking to myself. Well, not exactly. It’s more that my characters are talking to each other, but they only exist in my head, so yeah.

2. I don’t really like writing things by hand. Two words: hand cramps. Those SAT essays were murder.

3. I don’t like coffee. I know it seems blasphemous, especially considering the lack of any real sleep that I get, but sorry, it’s just not my thing. Too bitter for me. No amount of chocolate or cream or whatever can mask the taste. I do, however, like the smell of gourmet coffee. I know. I’m a walking contradiction.

4. I actually think I’m addicted to writing. I crave it like a drug. I. Have. To. Write.

5. Before I decided to become a novelist, I actually wanted to be a cartoonist when I was younger. I still have a whole binder filled with over a hundred unique characters. My drawing style for those is essentially the same as the characters on my Super Star cover. I would still like to learn to draw better.

6. I just now invested in a little pocket notebook that I can carry around with me. I cringe to think of all of the ideas that I let go to waste because I didn’t write them down.

7. I get really nervous when I let people read my stuff. I’m so sure they’re going to hate it and I don’t know what I’d do with myself.

8. On a similar note, when I do let someone read my stuff, I stare at them intensely until they’re done, watching for any change in expression that might give me insight into what they’re thinking. I imagine that if they weren’t so engrossed in my story, I might be a little creepy.

9. Music is a double edged sword for me when I’m writing. Sometimes I can use it to block out the outside noises and provide some background noise to help me. Then, other times, I get so into the music that I get distracted from the writing. It’s hard to find just the right balance.

10. My brain doesn’t work properly at times when normal humans function. My brain tends to turn on at about 11pm. For instance, I just glanced at the clock right now and it reads 12:13am. I’m wide awake and full of ideas. It would be really helpful if these ideas would come at around 7 pm after I’ve eaten dinner, so that I have plenty of time, but noooo. That’s not how my brain works.

There you go.

That’s my top ten author confessions. What about you? Do you have any author confessions (or blogger confessions as the case may be) to share?


7 thoughts on “Author Confessions

  1. I agree with number 7. Every time my mom logs on to my blog, I get really nervous. Haha

  2. Thank you for linking to my blog! I’m sharing this on my FB page soon, and I really enjoyed reading your confessions. I think it’s a fun and insightful discussion to keep going.

  3. Good heavens, the space needed for all my confessions would be monstrous, but I think the one that has stuck with me longest is that with every chapter I manage to successfully edit, I reward myself with doing a load of laundry. Yep. I need therapy.
    My aim is to replace the load of laundry with a load of chocolate.

  4. […] got the chance to write a guest post for the wonderful Shannon A Thompson (the inspiration for my post two weeks ago). She’s a writer with lots of writer fans, so I decided to do an advice post on […]

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