My Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

I know that I may incur the wrath of football fans everywhere when I say that I didn’t watch the Super Bowl—and I don’t care. You see, like the majority of people whose team didn’t make it to the big game, I watch for the commercials. However, this year, I couldn’t watch that either because I was working on a paper that had to be turned in at midnight.

So I watched the commercials on Youtube, because you can do that now. They make this wonderful little playlist with all the commercials. It’s perfect. There were a few that were lame, but a few I really enjoyed. Below, I’ve assembled my favorites from the 56 I saw.

1. My first favorite was the Volkswagon commercial about German engineers getting their wings. I just love the absolutely confused looks on their faces. “Vat is happening to me?! I am growing vings!” The look on that last one’s face as he prepared to shoot rainbows out his butt was priceless.

2. The Doritos time machine commercial was cute. I have to say, that is one of the more creative ways to persuade people to part with their chips. Not to mention, the kid was so cute, I’d probably give up my Doritos just because.

3&4. I enjoyed both of the Tim Tebow T-mobil no contract ads. No particular reason. Just Tebow and puppies and fire and Sasquatch.

5&6. Go Daddy had less irritating commercials than last year. At least this time I didn’t have to cringe and scrub my eyes with aluminum foil to erase the images. I thought the body builder one was creative and the one where the woman quit her job on national television (to become a puppeteer?) was more than a little unusual.

7. I thought the Duracell commercial with Derrick Coleman, the deaf football player was inspiring. I imagine that it especially touched those who have been told that their disability defines them and holds them back somehow. It doesn’t, just so you know.

8. The Budweiser best buds puppy and horse commercial really pulled out all the stops with the cuteness factor. Admittedly, I have to wonder if Budweiser realizes that their target audience of grown men all had to punch something really hard to feel manly again after that commercial was over. But I enjoyed it. It doesn’t make me want to go out and get a beer, but I enjoyed it.

9. The Toyota Highlander commercial with the Muppets was vaguely disturbing, but then again, I find most things with the Muppets vaguely disturbing. It was still an interesting commercial.

10. The Radio Shack commercial with the 80s calling was both very funny and a little unoriginal. I think they got their point across though. It was one of my favorites.

11. I have to mention the Transformers commercial. I did like it, but at the same time, two thoughts were running through my mind: “They’re still making Transformers movies?” and “I can’t believe they did the same flipping over the car and cutting it in half thing they did in the last movie.” I suppose I was having three thoughts if you count “Where the heck is Shia LeBeouf?”

12. I liked the Axe Peace commercial, just because of the surprising turn it took. I still hate Axe, though. I consider it the scent of a douche bag, something I’ve learned through personal experience. I also generally have an asthma attack when I smell the stuff.

13. I’m getting down to my real favorites now. First, I really enjoyed the Cheerios commercial with the bi-racial family, no matter how right-wing conservatives are supposed to feel about it. I thought it was adorable and, in fact, did not once during the commercial stop to even consider the fact that the family was anything but normal. I just saw a cute commercial, not a reason for uproar. I hope Cheerios brings them back in the future. The sass that little girl exhibited was the best thing ever.

14. Last, but certainly not least, tied with the Cheerios commercial for my favorite was the Jaguar British villains commercial. I hate to fangirl on you, but that was a lot of sexy in a short amount of time. Sexy cars, sexy leather seats, and sexy diabolical men. I could stare at Tom Hiddleston forever.

So tell me, what was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?


11 thoughts on “My Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

  1. #7 was great. Being deaf it’s never defined me nor been a handicap. I graduated college FSU (no special help) with a 3.84 gpa. I live and work in the real world and make a nice living and have a good life. I read and write 5 languages, read lips in 3 languages, sign and speak about 1250 english words. (It was 900 before my implants to hear but I’m learning all over again)

    A handicap is only such if you allow it to be a handicap.

    Matter of fact I often wonder who is really handicapped I can hear you talking from across a loud crowed room, through thick glass and anytime I can see your lips. Most people can’t say the same. 🙂

  2. The Garners says:

    Volkswagon, Doritos, Cheerios, and I thought the double up on the Ford Fusion was funny. Certainly, the commercials were better than the game!

  3. One of my best friends fangirled over Tom Hiddleston also. You r not alone.

  4. I don’t watch the Super Bowl…but maybe I should make sure to watch the commercials. 🙂

  5. matttblack42 says:

    I was wondering why you haven’t posted in a while, and it turned out, at some I must’ve clicked the unfollow button by accident. (I think this is the third time this has happened to me, it’s kind of embarrassing.) So, sorry about that.

    I thought this year’s commercials weren’t nearly as funny as the last one’s, but there were still a few commercials I enjoyed, particularly the muppets, the puppy/horse budweiser and the Doritos.

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