An Open Letter to Glenn Beck

(Author’s note: Listen, I don’t know what you know about Glenn Beck, but I’m a big fan. There’s basically two schools of thought about him. He’s either the devil, or he’s a prophet. Darn it if the man isn’t right most of the time. Most, I say. He’s not right all the time. Whatever you can say about Glenn, the one thing you should know is that he really cares about exposing history. That is the reason I wrote this letter. I’ve already sent him one version of this letter through e-mail. And yes, I know very well that this will be controversial.)

Dear Glenn,

I am a viewer of your show, and I have been for years. The reason I am writing to you today is that I have noticed that you seem to share the collective hero worship mentality about Abraham Lincoln. I urge you to look into Lincoln. He isn’t the great man that you think he is. I know that he is a beloved figure for most of the US, and you may not appreciate what you find, but I believe that you understand the power of the truth. I believe that you can accept it.

Years ago, my family gave me a book to read that was not very flattering of Lincoln (The Real Lincoln, by Thomas DiLorenzo), and I didn’t want to read it. I was a kid then, and I only saw in black and white. The South had slaves, and that was wrong, so they must be bad. The North was fighting the South, so they must be good. I thought that anyone who had something bad to say about Lincoln must have been bad themselves. It’s extremely painful when our heroes are proved to be not so heroic. Now, I’m old enough to understand that the world isn’t really so black and white. The South may have had slaves, but they weren’t wrong that they had the right to secede from the Union. Lincoln had no right to bring about a war to bring back the southerners. And he did bring it about too. Lincoln knew full well that sending troops to the South would cause them to react. He did it because he knew that it would appear as if the South struck first, and he would have his justification for his war. It wasn’t necessary. I know the Progressive Era officially began with Wilson in the 20s, but I think that the beginning of the end was when Lincoln attacked the South.

So, please Mr. Beck, look into Lincoln, or have someone else do it for you. And when you finish, make your own decisions and let the world know what you find out. I am confident that you will discover that the man isn’t a hero, but a fraud, and every US citizen needs to know that.


Susannah Ailene Martin


2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Glenn Beck

  1. The Garners says:

    I’m not sure that I would say Lincoln was a fraud, exactly. Clearly he was determined that his “legacy ” would not be the division of the Union despite that pesky document called the Constitution.

    Another hero with feet of clay is FDR. If you like history, here’s a book for your To Read list: Amity Schlaes, The Forgotten Man. Excellent read.

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