I’m Outing Myself… As a Conservative

If you haven’t noticed yet, your blogger is a very conservative person. I know, I know. Gasp in astonishment and hit the unfollow button. Or don’t. Maybe you’re just like me. In that case, you’ll understand exactly what I mean when I say that being a Bible-believing, global warming-denying conservative in today’s world is incredibly difficult. But then this post isn’t for you. This post is for the liberals.

Well, maybe difficult is not quite the right word for it. Strenuous might be better. Painful, perhaps. Certainly not easy. It’s not so hard to remain a conservative. That part is easy. I see so much these days that reminds me why I am one that I could probably never be anything else. What’s difficult about being a very staunch conservative is that pretty much everyone else isn’t.

It seems that to be a famous and well-loved person in this society, you have to be a bleeding-heart liberal. If you aren’t, you very likely to be excoriated on a daily basis. You will be verbally pilloried by every major news organization and social media outlet. You will (if you happen to be fairly famous) have mountains of hate mail dumped upon you. I’m not exaggerating when I say that you will probably be called a multitude of names, including but not limited to “hateful, stupid, Tea-bagger, ignorant, and racist.” Those last two are particular favorites, but you may even be called a terrorist.

One thing that sucks about being conservative is that you can’t get away with anything! Not that I want to, of course, but it does get irritating that we conservatives are held to a higher standard than liberal progressives. You might not even notice it if you are a liberal. Because most of the major news corporations are run by liberals, most liberal transgressions get swept under the rug.

Oh, and it’s even worse if you’re also Christian. This side of the coin provides its own kind of nightmare. If you believe that baby should not be killed in the womb, then you are in a war against women! If you think that we should hold to the Biblical standards of marriage and that, quite honestly, the government shouldn’t be in the marriage business in the first place, then you are homophobic! If you believe that the church should have responsibility to help the needy and that the government should not keep creating new entitlement programs that keep people under the government’s thumb, then you hate all homeless people!

 It gets old pretty fast. Liberals try to spin us as something we’re not, and people who don’t know any better go along with it. Let me give you an example. A scientist did a research project where he tested the scientific comprehension of groups along the political spectrum. You know what he found? If you listened to the mainstream media, you might have expected that he’d have found conservatives lacking in this area. Nope. The group beat out all of the rest was the Tea Party (the most conservative of the conservative). Not by much, mind you, but by enough that the scientist was surprised. He stated that it wasn’t what he’d expected, but that he wouldn’t have known any better because he didn’t associate with anyone who identified as a member of the Tea Party. Ask yourself how he could possibly have known what Tea Partiers were like if he’d never met one? It’s not like we’re very well represented in popular culture or in the news.

Now, I apologize for ranting. I seem to be doing that a lot lately. Maybe it’s all of the cold medicine. You should probably be happy that I’m stopping here, because I have more ammunition. Like I said, I wrote this post for the liberals. I want you to understand what we go through, because I don’t think you possibly can. However, if you are a conservative, take heart. We have the truth on our side, and we’re getting stronger.

Alright, now you can go hit that unfollow button if you’d like. Or, you know, don’t. It won’t affect me either way.


13 thoughts on “I’m Outing Myself… As a Conservative

  1. I always knew there was something about you… 😉 This is an excellent post!

  2. Sze-Ching Cheung says:

    Thank you. God bless you for your post – it came at just the right time for me 🙂

  3. Yes double standard Barnie Frank ran a gay whore house out of his tax payor paid Washington DC home. A republican plays footies under a stall and which is the big news story? Which was forced to leave the senate? You the conservative republican was bad and Barnie Frank oh he is a good guy.

    Tea Party not a single jay walking, littering or parking ticket when more than a million f us decended on Washington. No litter left behind. But we are the violent terrorists. Where the occupy movement (I will come back to these idiots) with rapes, assulats, a murder and 1000s of arrests for conduct, left trash everywhere, took over US ports with violence. Disrupted businesses with violence and threats. No no they are good and decent.

    Now Occupy. One at Occupy Miami was made she had no jb after getting a masters degree that cost her more than 100,000 dollars in college debt. Sad right? Oh except her masters was in Gay and Lesbian studies. WTF job did she think she qualified for computers? Programming? Nursing? Business management? Really people THINK about YOUR choices. Another kid had a masters in classical latin studies. Again what job do you qualify for that’s right NOTHING!

    I am all for choices and being responsible for the ones I make.

    See those who call names are those who can’t defend their point of view. They can’t prove you wrong so they instead attempt to belittle and demean you. So take heart in that the moment they call you a name you’ve won because they can’t prove your wrong.

  4. Aussa Lorens says:

    I’m more conservative than most might assume (though not a lover of Glen Beck! I saw your most recent headline!) and I can empathize with the double standard you feel. I was raised in a very conservative family so I feel ya pain. Don’t be bullied, your opinion is just as worthwhile as anyone elses.

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  6. I’m def not conservative but I still like your blog and respect the fact that you have such strong opinions at your age. That may sound “old” of me lol, but hey it’s respectable so please don’t take offense. I don’t believe in telling people what to think or believing that you can only learn from (like or respect) people who think just like you. So yeah, liberal here that wishes people could just agree to disagree sometimes and be at peace.

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