I Should Just Buy a Library

I really should never be left alone in a library or bookstore.

Today, I went to pick up Catching Fire from the library. Unfortunately, I decided to bring my sister along with me. I swear all I was going to do was pick up the book. Then I was going to go home. That was the plan. Things never go as planned in my life.

After I picked up the book, I placed it inside my knapsack and whistled the Hunger Games tune (you know, the one Rue did) to find my little sister. She was in the non-fiction section apparently looking up material for study and research. I know, weird right? So, I casually wandered over to the teen section and began to peruse the selection. I noticed that my library has a nasty habit of having only the first and last book in a series. For example, when I went to pick up the Hunger Games series last week, they only had The Hunger Games and Mockingjay. Now they had Catching Fire, but not Mockingjay. Not very helpful, but I digress.

I ended up finding the first and second book of a series, picked them off the shelf, and wrapped my arms around them. I walked over to see if my sister was done looking up stuff. Now she had a large pile of gigantic books and told me that she’d be done in a moment. I warned her of the consequences of leaving me unattended next to shelves of books. I tried to stay away, reminding myself of the book I have to read for my literature study. And then I caved and began going through the shelves again, this time picking three books off the shelf.

Finally, she was done and at the counter. But there was a line behind her. How had this happened? Because I get impatient in lines and I knew that the line would thin out in a moment, I turned around to browse some more. And then I saw it and my mouth nearly watered. A big sign that said “Book Sale.” I am not proud to admit that I squealed like a little child and walked right over and picked a book off the shelf. But how could I not. The tag on the back of the book said it cost 28 bucks. I got it for one!

Then we went home. If you don’t see me again for a week, just know that I’m probably somewhere reading and being extremely antisocial.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has this reaction to books. Have you ever had a similar experience?


8 thoughts on “I Should Just Buy a Library

  1. Always. I hope that physical libraries stick around. 🙂

  2. Oh, man. This happens every time I go to books a billion and the school library. (Luckily I usually don’t have money. So I don’t buy all the books in books a million. And there is a two book restriction on book check outs.) lol. You r not alone in this!

  3. Aussa Lorens says:

    I am the absolute worst and always have been… It’s like an “all you can carry” kind of issue. The day that the library starts allowing shopping carts is the day you will never EVER see me again because I will be at home living in fictional worlds…

  4. JB Vincent says:

    I typically live in rented homes since we move around quite a bit. My criteria for whatever house we move into is that it have at least one library in it with the owners books. This is for two reasons: I like to see what other people read (kind of like snooping in their underwear drawers – only not) and, I like to be able to read stuff I wouldn’t normally read. This house I am in now has 6, yes 6, libraries. It’s like my Xanadu.

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