About Christian Music

I was talking with my mom today about hymns. It’s one day until advent begins, and my church always sings very traditional songs. I joked that maybe I’d be able to sing along for once since they’ll be playing more Christmas music. To my surprise, my mom looks at me with this sad look and tells me that it’s a shame that I don’t know any traditional hymns.

What? How is it a shame that I’ve never learned what may be the most boring songs ever written? Those songs are ridiculously repetitive and unimaginative. I mean, seriously, I pretty much only listen to Christian music. Admittedly, it is Christian Rock that I’m talking about. But basically, the only difference between my music and hers is that the music I listen to was written for accompaniment with an electric guitar and drums instead of a piano. The message is the same.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that modern Christian music isn’t perfect. Sometimes, the songs are drum solo-heavy and gospel-light. Quite honestly, it drives me crazy when the artists do that. Although it isn’t my favorite genre of Christian music, at least the rappers tend to sing about things that are real and sometimes bad. The brutal honesty you get when listening to Lecrae is unlike what you get when listening to many other Christian music singers.

I also dislike it when Christian artists make who they’re singing about ambiguous. I think that if you’re going to write Christian music, then people should at least be able to know that you’re talking about God and not your girlfriend or boyfriend. I dislike looking up a Christian song on Youtube and scrolling through the comments to find that a good many of them resemble this one: “OMG. I totally didn’t know this was a Christian song!” It should be obvious, but sometimes it’s not.

Personally, I am on a quest to find a decent female Christian rocker. Closest thing I’ve found to that is Flyleaf. I was think more Paramore, though. Christian music has every genre covered. I can find classic rock, screamo, old hymns, rap, country(ish), and pop with just a simple Youtube search, but somehow, I can’t find a single good female Christian rocker. It’s silly. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on that front.

In case you’re wondering, my all-time favorite Christian band is dc-Talk. I know, I know. I’m old school. If you’ve never heard of the band, or if you just need to catch up, I’ll leave you with one of my favorites.



10 thoughts on “About Christian Music

  1. ginjuh says:

    I love “All Sons and Daughters.” It is a male/female indie folk sound with lots of harmony. Christianity’s answer to “The Civil Wars.” Leslie Jordan, the female, writes the songs and is lead on many. Tell me what you think.

  2. I love dctalk also!! I don’t know many christian female rockers… I know Jamie grace is a good singer but she is more pop. If you like the kind of blink -182 feel you might want to try out Hawk Nelson (but their 2008 album : Hawk Nelson Is My Friend. Jay is no longer the lead singer in their new stuff. The new stuff is way too pop for me.) hope I helped a little. P.s. I don’t like hymns either.

  3. Aussa Lorens says:

    Whaaaat there are some really amazing hymns! Maybe you just need legit covers of them by more recent artists… But the better known songs like “Be Thou My Vision” and “Come Thou Fount” and “Amazing Grace” are WHERE. ITS. AT.
    *steps down from soapbox*

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