Just in case it’s not obvious from the title and/or you didn’t actually know I was writing a book, I can finally, and very excitedly, inform you that I have finally finished editing my first novel, Super Star. Like, literally half an hour ago. And may I say:

 YAY! Yay! I’m finally stinking done! Wahoo! I’m done, oh yeah, I’m done (you should be picturing me dancing in my pajamas right now).

Okay, now that that little freak-out is over, I’ve decided to do something kind of fun. How would you guys like to see the titles of the chapters of my book? Well, I’m going to show them to you anyway. Enjoy.


Chapter 1: Worst Day Ever

Chapter 2: The Concert

Chapter 3: Joey

Chapter 4: The Wrong Side of the Mountain

Chapter 5: Difficult Memories

Chapter 6: The Great Phone Fight

Chapter 7: The Desert

Chapter 8: Mad Rattlesnakes and Thieving Hawks

Chapter 9: Miracles

Chapter 10: Meeting an Old Friend

Chapter 11: To Grandma’s House We Go

Chapter 12: Into the Hills

Chapter 13: Joey Goes Toe to Toe with Grandma Henson

Chapter 14: We Have to Go (Again

Chapter 15: Caught!

Chapter 16: Betrayal

Chapter 17: Lamar’s Story

Chapter 18: Into the Mountains

Chapter 19: Mountain Skies

Chapter 20: Thumbs Up for Hitchhiking

Chapter 21: Road Trip!

Chapter 22: Lamar Goes Home

Chapter 23: What Happened on the Bus?

Chapter 24: FBI: Fear of Being Identified

Chapter 25: We Get Sold (Kind Of)

Chapter 26: Joey Makes a Movie for a Psychopath

Chapter 27: Note to Self: Even Cops Need Glasses

Chapter 28: We Steal a Car

Chapter 29: Almost Home

Chapter 30: New Beginnings


So, now that you’ve read them all, let me know which chapter title you like the best.


13 thoughts on “I’M FINALLY DONE!!!

  1. matttblack42 says:

    Congratulations! My favorite title here would have to be “Mad Rattlesnakes and Thieving Hawks.” I could only imagine what happens in that chapter.

  2. Austin says:

    Chapters 4 and 8 are my favorite titles. Are they the best chapters? 🙂

  3. Wow, first of all congrats!…my chp title is 26 (Joey Makes a Movie for a Psychopath)

  4. Aussa Lorens says:

    Definitely Chapter 8.
    Congrats on finishing– it’s a good feeling, eh?

  5. Zack Nelson says:

    Chapter 13 is my fav

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