I’ve Been Awarded

I have two announcements to make.  First, I have been nominated for the Sunshine Award by the amazing Gwen from Little Growing Pains. She called me a “young writer extraordinaire.” Well, I would go that far, but I’m getting there.

sunshine award

So, apparently, the way this blogging award works is someone who thinks you deserve the award nominates you and then you answer their questions. I’ve been nominated, so I have to answer the questions, say a few things about myself, nominate other bloggers, and asked them questions. Okay, I can do that. Without further ado, here are my answers to Gwen’s questions.

  1. If you could insert yourself (as yourself) into any literary world of your choosing, what would it be? Hmm. Let’s see. I’ve read a lot of books… As myself? Now, that’s not fair. Okay, fine. I’d probably insert myself into the world of This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti, because all types of awesome, cool, and crazy stuff happens in that book.
  2. Coffee or tea? Neither. Sorry.
  3. What is the WORST piece of advice you’ve ever been given? “Watch out!” I choose this because this wonderful piece of advice usually comes after I’ve already hurt myself.
  4. Crumple or fold? To answer this, I’d have to know what I’m crumpling or folding. I suppose if it was paper, then I would have to say that it depends on how angry I am at the piece of paper.
  5. If we were to go on a date (hypothetically), where would you take me and why? McDonalds. I’m broke.
  6. If you could go back in time ten years and tell yourself one thing, what would it be? Well, I would have been 7, so, that was right after I started drawing my own superheroes and writing my first song… I would tell myself to never give up and to embrace my brainy, geeky weirdness.
  7. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate, preferably with little other bits of chocolate within it.
  8. What kind of toothpaste do you use? Interesting question. Tom’s of Maine, if you’re really that curious.
  9. Above all else, what are you afraid of? Dying. Not death, mind you. It’s the actual process of dying that scares me.
  10. So far, what has been your favorite age to be and why? This one. 17 has been a pretty cool year. And, oh yeah, I’m a senior, baby!
  11. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? A few years ago, I probably would have answered this one “write a book.” Considering I’ve already done that now, I have to say skydiving. I know it’s cliché, but I wouldn’t want to do it otherwise.

Now I have to say eleven facts about myself, as if you don’t already know enough.

1.    I write books. It’s fun; you should try it.

2.    I am a huge nerd. Seriously, I cry when I get a B.

3.    I really love Doctor Who! If you don’t know what that is, I’m not going to explain it, sorry. You’ll have to look it up for yourself.

4.    I like knives. I always try to carry one around with me for protection wherever I’m allowed. Sorry if that’s a little weird.

5.    I have a dog. She a chunky, epileptic beagle named Ginger. She’s a little stupid, but I love her.

6.    I’m kind of tall. 5’11”.

7.    I don’t buy expensive things. I buy the cheapest possible version of whatever I want.

8.    I dislike all Apple products, particularly Mac computers.

9.    My long-term goal for my life is to become a New York Times Best-selling Author.

10.My other long-term goal is to own Disney via hostile takeover. I’d like to return Disney to its awesome and wholesome roots.

11.I wear contacts (which is a little anti-climactic after those last two).

Alright, now for the second half of the game. I get to nominate bloggers who I think deserve the award and ask questions. Now, I am supposed to nominate eleven of them, but quite honestly, I haven’t been blogging long enough to follow too many people. So, I’m going to nominate significantly less than that. Sorry.

1.    Austin at The Return of the Modern Philosopher. He writes awesome little stories about all of Maine’s “Other Worldly Creatures.”

2.    Matt at The Little Engine that Couldn’t, because I loved his hilarious time-travelling novella.

3.    Shelley at Peak Perspective, who blogs about lots of everyday stuff in a funny way.

4.    Nathan over at Mindless Productivity. I nominate him, mainly because he seems to be nearly as much of a geek as I am. That’s a good thing I assure you.

5.    The entire crew of Domestic Disaster Diary. They tell the wonderful stories of their failings in domesticity.

6.    Mike at Like Gold to us, who write advice to his as of yet unborn son.

7.    Michelle at sleeps with notebooks. She writes lots of frequently humorous posts about writing.

Alright, last part. I get to ask all of my nominees questions. Understand that all of you don’t have to do this. It’s completely optional. However, if you do decide to participate, you have to do everything I did, including putting the picture of the award somewhere in the post. Now for the questions.

1.    Do you have any pets?

2.    What’s the best thing you’ve ever read and why?

3.    Any siblings? If yes, do you get along with them?

4.    What’s your favorite holiday and why?

5.    Who’s your favorite super hero/villain?

6.    Do you like Doctor Who? If yes, who is your favorite companion?

7.    If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

8.    If you write, what do you prefer to write (short stories, novels, blogs, etc.)?

9.    Favorite movie?

10.What’s your dream car?

11.What’s your favorite singer/band?

Thanks again to Gwen for the nomination. This was fun.

I feel like I’m forgetting something. Oh yeah, I said I had two announcements. The other one is I’m almost done editing my first book, Super Star. If I stay on schedule, I should be done editing by Monday or sooner. I’ll let all of you know when I’m done.

22 thoughts on “I’ve Been Awarded

  1. Austin says:

    Congrats on your award, and thank you for nominating my silly little blog about boring life in Maine. 😉

  2. matttblack42 says:

    Thanks for nominating me. You could not have chosen a better time.

  3. Now I’ll have to check out the other people you nominated. 🙂

  4. Cool! An awardy…thingy…thing. Thanks!

  5. […] thanks to Susannah A. Martin for nominating me. Not only is it an honor, but now I won’t fail NaBloPoMo […]

  6. Aussa Lorens says:

    Oh man. We have a creepy amount in common. Tall, Future NYT bestsellers, affinity for knives, I could go on and on.

  7. It is nice that you write why you like the sites. Don’t you hate when people do these and just list a long line of blogs and that is it? Congrats on the nomination! -OM

  8. “Dying. Not death, mind you. It’s the actual process of dying that scares me.”

    Hhahahaha LOVE IT! My dad always says “I’m not afraid of falling it’s the sudden stop at the end I fear.”

    Good questions by the way 🙂 And if Gwen hadn’t nominated you I’d have done so. Girl power!! Tell me when and where i can get “super hero” at when it comes out.

  9. Wow, what a wealth of eclectic bits and pieces we’ve gotten to know about you. You’re truly just a little bit squishable, Susannah. And what a lovely peek into the author behind the blog. It’s clear you are an individual worth getting to know and I’m so glad you gave us the inside scoop. Congrats on the well-deserved honor. And thank you for nominating so many terrific bloggers. I’ve checked out each one, and found myself following them all.
    I will now formally apologize to my family for not being able to get any more laundry done. Ever. Do your own. I’m busy reading.
    Cheers to you. Can’t wait for the book!

  10. @hijriyan says:

    Coooool.. Thanks for let me know 🙂

  11. […] I’ve Been Awarded In which I was given an award… and then had to answer a bunch of […]

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