Camping with Pelicans

My sister and I went on a sailing and camping with a troop of Boy Scouts (they invited our Sea Scout ship). Overnight, she had an interesting visitor. Please welcome my guest blogger, Christina Martin.


This weekend on a sailing trip we camped over at Kiptopeke State Park. During our stay overnight, an animal came by mine and my sister’s tent this morning, around two am. I awoke to the sound of ‘eh’ ‘eh’ ‘eh’ ‘eh,’ coming from outside. I got out of my sleeping bag, and opened the screen cover to see what was making the sound. It was nothing other than a pelican! I whispered-yelled, “shut up!” The irritating pelican continued going ‘eh’ ‘eh’ ‘eh’ and walked around to the other side of the tent. I closed that cover and opened the opposite one in hopes to try to get the bird to go away. I told it to shut up again, and this time was met by a growl. Not the bird. Behind my new annoying friend was a feral dog. Yikes! This brave bird started walking towards the dog. As soon as the canine lunged, the bird went ‘eh,’ pecked the dog’s head, and flew to a low hanging branch. For ten minutes I watched the two growl and ‘eh’ at each other. Getting fed up with it, I finally told the dog to shut up and go away. Apparently he never saw me, because he jumped around wide-eyed, looked at me, then ran away. The bird came down, went ‘eh,’ and flew away.

Two hours later I was met by an all-too-familiar ‘eh.’ This time the sun was starting to show, and a shadow of a long beaked bird was cast across my side of the tent. I heard another ‘eh’ and had had enough. I grabbed the closest thing I could find (my flashlight) and threw it at the shadow. Soon after, a very startled ‘EH’ came from where my flashlight it, followed by some wild flapping of wings. No more did I hear another ‘eh.’


P.S. I somehow slept soundly through this entire nighttime misadventure. I’m not sure how, because I’m usually a pretty light sleeper.


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